Accommodation / Accommodation to Veules roses – The house to the beach – Welcome

Family holidays, romantic, or single ?

On the waterfront Veules the Roses (the “bijou” Seine-Maritime and since 2017, part of & rsquo; Association “the most beautiful villages in France” : 2 holiday apartments (gîtes) in an old seaside hotel 1899, part of veulais heritage : one of 1 to 3 people (village view – south) and the second 1 to 4 people (sea ​​view), with direct access to the beach and water activities.

Spineless Roses : water activities

Spineless Roses : beach and cliffs

In this small resort nestled at the foot of the magnificent white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, you will quickly be seduced by the cottages and houses with flowers, the mills along the Veules, the large sandy beach at low tide, and walks on modern boards. Since June 2013, you can admire the Veules passing on the old car, and dream on managed banks


Less than 200m, will stroll through the streets, where a market is held on Wednesday mornings… Stores, restaurants, art workshops, and cinema.


In front of you, begins the walk on smallest river in France, along which you can stroll and admire the mills and losing you to the watercress


Spineless Roses : LA confidential and must-see destination for loving people romance and sweetness Norman. His quiet charm that everyone feels good and … comes back !